A Quilter Moves In! Part 4

Closet? Did someone say closet?

I’ve just spent the last several days trying to unpack my fabric and get it put away. As it turns out, I had 18 large boxes of fabric. Hmmm, I wonder how that happened. Anyway, it’s not all fitting in my sewing room, but take a look at that! A perfectly good closet just going to waste. And it opens into my sewing room, too. It’s got just what I’ve been hoping for, lots of space and shelves…and, darn, lots of electronics and hangers and odd stuff. I didn’t get a photo of all of the electronics, but you get the idea.

new house new sewing room 010 225x300 A Quilter Moves In! Part 4

Wouldn’t these shelves be perfect for something? I don’t know just what, but something?

Yippee! Dan says the electronics can all go; he only wants to keep one printer. And the snowboard helmet is going back to Jake’s closet and the assorted software can move into another cupboard next to Dan’s treadmill in the other room, which means that most of the closet can be used for quilter goodies! I am a lucky, lucky woman.

new house new sewing room 011 300x225 A Quilter Moves In! Part 4

This shelf is too high for me to touch. Did I mention that Dan is very tall and has shelves to match?

I have to get up on a stepstool to reach it. I guess I’ll store things I use less often there. Maybe batting? Wools? Minkee?  Ideas, anyone??? Thanks in advance! More of my quilter’s adventure tomorrow…

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6 Responses to A Quilter Moves In! Part 4

  1. Amy Cotham says:

    I just re-designed my sewing room and found that Closet Maid cubby shelving is perfect for fabrics! The 9 x 9′s stacked on top of each other give you a 12″x12″x12″ spot for each color of fabric. Folded correctly, you can get lots in one cubby.

  2. Laura Roberts says:

    Thanks, Amy. I’ll check them out today!

  3. Jeanne Grubin says:

    It looks good for batting, I pile mine like logs and write “Q-H” , T-L” for queen hi-loft, Twin low-loft, much easier to see what I have or need wheen it’s on sale, love your blog.

  4. Laura Roberts says:

    Thanks! I’m having fun blogging. I never thought I’d enjoy it, but it’s nice to have fellow fabric lovers share their thoughts, etc. with me. I have so much more fabric than I thought I had, so I need all the encouragement I can get.

  5. Anne Wiens says:

    Yes, high shelves are good for storing batting. It doesn’t hurt when you decide you don’t really need to go find a step-stool and just pull it down and it hits you on the head. Ask me how I know. :0}

  6. Laura Roberts says:

    Oooh, good point! I guess I’ll put my quilting books elsewhere :) !

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