A New Year’s Quilt – Part 3

Bad Fabric Choice 300x299 A New Years Quilt   Part 3

Not a good fabric choice!

Okay… as promised, here is the “nice idea, but maybe you want to revisit the fabric choices” entry!

The good news was that I was happy with the purples and greens. The bad news was that I had mistakenly thought that I could use white/green and white/purple prints for the outer patches. After I made this block, I was convinced that it was a bad idea! Let me know if you’ve ever made bad fabric choices and how you escaped!

Tune in next time to see what I did to fix the problem!


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3 Responses to A New Year’s Quilt – Part 3

  1. Anne Wiens says:

    Oh, sure. I make a lot of scrap quilts (as opposed to “scrappy” quilts), and now and then there’s a block that just doesn’t fit in with the others. I set them aside and use them as “starter” for the next quilt.

  2. Marcia W. says:

    I will leave the fabric as is. Then, can finish the quilt faster and move on to a new project. I usually like the quilt as a whole and don’t get bugged about the one fabric.

  3. Dorothy Ragland says:

    The second block of the Mystery Quilt last year, I put some colors together and didn’t like the look, so it is still stuck to the design wall waiting for me to choose it for something else. Sure glad I left it out.

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