Tiny House Block

Mini Kaffe 0071 225x300 Tiny House Block

This weekend I was working on a miniature version of a house block I used in a quilt for the June issue of McCall’s Quilting. How cute is this block?!? Finished size is just 2 1/8″ square. The pattern to make the mini quilt will be given as a web bonus on this site sometime around the end of March, but I just had to share the cuteness right away. You start with tiny paper foundations:

Kaffe 004 225x300 Tiny House Block

These were super easy to draw up using EQ7! Next, you stitch up the individual sections:

Kaffe 005 225x300 Tiny House Block

Then sew them together! The only problem is, now I can’t stop. In fact, I’m going to recreate my entire feature quilt in tiny proportions. Here’s the start of it:

Mini Kaffe 0181 300x225 Tiny House Block

More later!

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4 Responses to Tiny House Block

  1. I LOVE it! The tiny blocks are adorable!

  2. Susan Stroh says:

    Kathy, That is so cute. I love paper piecing and miniature quilts.

  3. Mimi says:

    Oh my gosh! That is the sweetest thing going!! I could see this as a tablerunner. Thanks for sharing… it has truely inspired me!!

  4. Diane Harris says:

    Kathy, those houses are so cute! I might have to join you. I can see how they’d be like M&Ms! :)

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