My First Original Quilt Design

Hello all, a couple of months ago, I showed everybody a piece of my first quilt design to entice contestants to enter our Quilt Design Star™ contest!

I thought you might want to see how the top turned out.

Wildflower Walk Top 300x284 My First Original Quilt Design

Wildflower Walk – Completed top

I loved working with these big Henry Glass prints! I used the blue squares as the sky, the green as the grass and the yellow large floral as the Wildflower walk.

Something else I tried this time was having the border intrude into the quilt center. I think it came out kind of cool.

Wildflower Walk Border 300x236 My First Original Quilt Design

I’ve just started quilting it (in the hoop on my Pfaff Creative 2.0 icon smile My First Original Quilt Design ). I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Do you have any stories about your first design? Let me know -


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2 Responses to My First Original Quilt Design

  1. Kathlene says:

    Very nice. Pleasing to eye. Flows well.

  2. Very pretty! Isn’t it fun to see a design come together?

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