Hot Summer Quilting!

The heat has really hit us here in Colorado this week and my house doesn’t have air conditioning so I’ve been wilting. I need to sew to be sane, but just couldn’t stand the thought of handling fabric in this heat. Fortunately, I had a brain wave! There’s a stash of Liberty of London lawn fabrics, that I’ve been collecting over many, many years, in my office/laundry room. Risking life and limb, I made it downstairs (on crutches, see previous blog entry), to find just the right fabric bin. I took a length of clothesline, tied it around the bin, then tied it around my waist and hauled it across the floor to the stairs. Once I got to the stairs, I braced myself on the wall and lifted the bin one stair at a time (thank goodness there are only 5 stairs) until I had it on the kitchen floor. Whereupon I got onto my leg caddy (previous blog entry) and hauled the bin through the house to my sewing room. I sat down and opened the bin. Pure delight!! The lawn is so light and airy, so soft and cool… aaaah. My new summer quilt is underway! I’ll fill you in on the details in a few days. And, please share your hot-weather sewing tips… I think the whole country is roasting this week!

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3 Responses to Hot Summer Quilting!

  1. Lisa says:

    Laura, envisioning your struggle with the leg caddy, stairs, bin, etc. cracked me up. But your determination is to be admired. As for the heat, it is hot (and humid!) here in Kentucky too. I would hate to be without central air. The basement is another good option — stays cool down there, plus it is home to my quilting machine. Stay cool, have fun, what could be better?

  2. Laura Roberts says:

    I’ve managed to get to the bottom of the bin, sorting all the way. I’m going for a scrappy look with no real theme. I had been thinking of a summer quilt, but I have some lovely rich autumnal fabrics in the bin as well. So, this weekend I’ll just have to start cutting and see what happens. Photos to come on Monday!

  3. Hi Laura,
    I can understand you problems with the leg and the heat. I also live in Colorado and am glad to have cooler weather. Yea for fall!

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