A Grateful Heart – Basting

Hello all,

Many of you have written to ask what became of my daughter, Sarah’s quilt. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I showed you how it was coming along almost daily, but then it got pushed to the back burner.

However, I’m happy to report that I’m ready to pick up the story! These are pictures I took while I was basting the quilt. I had to spread it out on our dining room floor (that’s the biggest space we have in our house).

Here is the front:

Full frontal small 300x169 A Grateful Heart   Basting

I used a red texture for the inner border, and a navy with red stars for the outer border. I’m very happy with how the borders turned out.

I sewed a pieced back for this quilt because I wanted it to have some Air Force material in it somewhere. The print was a little busy, however, so I just made a stripe and surrounded it with red, yellow, and lots of blue!

Back Small 300x241 A Grateful Heart   Basting

And of course, I couldn’t have completed it without my trusty sidekick, Race icon smile A Grateful Heart   Basting .

Race small 300x175 A Grateful Heart   Basting

I hope you enjoy this peek at Sarah’s quilt. I’m quilting it in the hoop, so I’ll be sure and share some pictures from that process!

Happy Quilting!


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2 Responses to A Grateful Heart – Basting

  1. Kathy W says:

    Great quilt!

  2. Sharon says:

    I too, love hand quilting. This is beautiful.

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