Just 2 days left in the Online Shop Hop!

Shop Hop Logo23 198x300 Just 2 days left in the Online Shop Hop!

It’s not too late! You can still enter to win at 6 inspiring stores across the US. We’ve had 30 lucky quilters win prizes already, and there are still 18 more of you out there.

Just click on the following link to go to our Hometown Favorites Online Shop Hop page. You can then go to each of the shops’ websites and enter to win!

Happy Hopping!


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2 Responses to Just 2 days left in the Online Shop Hop!

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I participated in your online Shop Hop, and I was wondering if there was a place to see the names of the winners?

  2. Kathy Hannah says:

    Hi Jocelyn, the winners were notified by e-mail the day following each drawing. The winners’ names were displayed on each shop’s entry page for the week following their drawing. However, we don’t have a centralized list available for viewing.

    Thanks so much for participating! I hoped you enjoyed seeing all of the sites,


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