A Grateful Heart – Day 25

Today is the Old School House. What a great block!

Old School House 299x300 A Grateful Heart   Day 25

Old School House

This block was so much fun because I was able to throw out convention and look for fabric that looked like sky and earth and windows, etc. I used one of my favorite light blue stripe on cream for the sky, and a brown arrow and star for the roof. To continue the schoolhouse theme, I used a light blue alphabet for the front of the schoolhouse, and a medium red leaf/star to simulate brick for the schoolhouse body. I went for a fun stripe for the windows (thinking they might have window shades!), and a cute little tan floral for the ground.

Just a fun block all around.. and easy to sew! Next entry, Sarah comes home and sees the quilt. What will she think?


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One Response to A Grateful Heart – Day 25

  1. katalin deggeller says:

    Dear Mrs. Kathy Hannah,
    your ” Old School House ” Block is wonderful!!It is very nice, what a great block, sure, I am glad to see it! I thank you, a little school house block is joyful for a quilterswoman, for me too! I love very simple quilting…I thank you for the nice Block to see…on the web…Happy quilting and yours sincerely katlin deggeller

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