A Grateful Heart – Day 23

Hello! Well, as many of you have guessed, I will not be finishing this quilt for Christmas! Fortunately, I have been granted a small extension until Sarah goes to her permanent duty station on January 12, 2010. I think that will work perfectly. Actually, I think she might enjoy seeing the blocks on the design wall and possibly moving them around. I will be finished with all of the blocks by Sunday when she comes home for Christmas – Yeah!!!

Today’s block is Patchwork Fantasy.

Patchwork Fantasy 300x295 A Grateful Heart   Day 23

Patchwork Fantasy

This block has a lot of story behind it. First, I went out on a limb for the fabric selection. I chose a large print cream for the background, which is unusual since I had been sticking with small prints. Then, I chose a bright, bold blue and a dark, bold red as well, and I love the effect!

Another thing that I am proud of is the very straight lines in the half-square triangles. Last week I was talking with Sherri Bain Driver (our resident quilting expert) about my problems with this and we came to the conclusion that I was trying to control the fabric to much. (I can hear my husband laughing at this point. We’ve been married for 20 years and he would say very sarcastically that I have NO control issues!) I have a Pfaff Creative Vision 2.0 with IDT which means the machine feeds very straight. If I would just start the seam straight, the machine would take care of it for me. Well, on this block, I finally gave up control and let the machine do the work. And what do you know, the seams are straight as an arrow! Hallelujah!

So, this block carries a lot of emotional angst with it icon smile A Grateful Heart   Day 23 .  Kind of a lot to fit in a 12″ square. Tomorrow is a sneak peak at the design wall in a couple of configurations.  I hope you enjoy it. Until then…


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  1. Kathy W says:

    This is really a nice block!

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