A Grateful Heart – Day 22

Hello all.  Today we’re going under the sea!  The block is Fish Tales.

Fish Tales 300x278 A Grateful Heart   Day 22

Fish Tales

This is a block with a lot of pieces. I’ve learned while doing this sampler that the best way to handle this is to lay the pieces out next to my sewing machine as if the block is already sewn.  Then, I pick up and sew the first two from each row, iron them and return them to their position. By doing this, I cut down on the number of times that I sew two blocks together incorrectly and have to take out the seam.  I’m sure none of you have ever done that!

When I first started this block, I just wasn’t sure I was going to like it so well, but when I laid it out next to my machine, I could really see the potential, and once it was done, I really liked it. I found this really cute white background fabric with little blue flowers that looks almost like water, and I’m pleased with the fish colors as well. I’m still sticking with my vow of using different values.

Well, tomorrow, we have 2 more blocks, and then another look at the design wall with 4 rows finished.  It looks amazing! Until then…


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One Response to A Grateful Heart – Day 22

  1. LJ Miller says:

    Ooh, very clever block! Thank you for sharing your creativity! Just great!!

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