A Grateful Heart – Day 18

Hello all! I’m really excited about this block. It is called delectable mountains.

Delectable Moutains 300x296 A Grateful Heart   Day 18

Delectable Mountains

Obviously, I have an afinity for the mountains, since I live and work at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and Sarah and I have frequently discussed that she can’t imagine living away from the mountains.

I had been saving this large print red fabric and had not found a place to use it. I was able to fussy cut it so that it looked really cool! Then I found the flower in the middle mixed in with this huge rose print. A lucky find, and a great addition.

The next block is Free Trade. Until then…


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2 Responses to A Grateful Heart – Day 18

  1. Janie says:

    That really is a nice block! I love red, and the fussy cut flowers really set it off. I used to live near the Rockies too, and I miss the mountains.

  2. Ellie Brown says:

    Nicely done here. It looks really nice

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