A Grateful Heart – Day 16

Today I have 2 blocks for you.  The first one is the Bear’s Paw.

Bears Paw  298x300 A Grateful Heart   Day 16

Bear's Paw

This is kind of amazing.  I found the star fabric for the paw hidden in my stash when I was looking through my old halloween fabric for a backing for a how-to project I was making.  I missed it when I was first picking out fabrics for this quilt because it was stuck in the wrong place! I then continued the star theme through the rest of the block.

Next is the Wild Geese block. I love the secondary pattern in the middle of the block.

Wild Geese 295x300 A Grateful Heart   Day 16

Wild Geese

I started this block with the red swirl, contined with the cream swirl, and managed to continue the swirl theme throughout! A very cute block.

Tomorrow is the Log Cabin block.  See you then.


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One Response to A Grateful Heart – Day 16

  1. virginia says:

    love the wild goose-friendship star pattern…….

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