A Grateful Heart – Day 11

Hello all. Well, I took a break yesterday due to bad weather, but today I’m going to put up two blocks and then tomorrow I’m going to show you my design wall with the upper two rows mostly complete!

Rail Fence 300x300 A Grateful Heart   Day 11

Rail Fence

This block was easy and fast and gave me an opportunity to use the alphabet fabric. Also, I was mindful of using different values. (It looks a little crooked, but that is just how it is hanging on the design wall.)

Flower Basket 295x300 A Grateful Heart   Day 11

Flower Basket

I’m not sure why, but I really enjoyed this little block, even with the bias edges. Maybe it was just bright and fun and it just mixes so well with the rest of the quilt.

I have to say, I am enjoying this sampler very much. I have never done a sampler before and I have never done a scrap quilt before, so this is a double whammy for me! This pattern is easy to follow and good practice for my skills.

So, tomorrow you get to see it all together so far!

Until then -


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