A Grateful Heart – Day 8

Memories… This block was both the most fun and the hardest block to make (not the sewing, for my heart).

Memories 300x298 A Grateful Heart   Day 8

It started out great! I had a really positive phone call from Sarah. She was feeling great and had done well on a test. So I went in to my sewing room and chose this bright little flower for the center of this block and then found this cheerful red swirl from Timeless Treasures and then this perfect blue that was just the color of her eyes.

Then – I looked at the title of the block. Memories. And I looked around my sewing room (which was formerly Sarah’s bedroom) and I burst into tears. So, I love this block for the positive outlook with which it started, but it makes me  a little sad because of the name. I do think the block will be a great addition to the quilt.

Until tomorrow -


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One Response to A Grateful Heart – Day 8

  1. Di Wilsey Geer says:

    Kathy, Thank you for sharing your days of blocks with us, tears inlcuded! Memories is my fav block to date.

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