It’s a Mystery

Wow – we have had some amazing submissions to our Mystery Quilt Blocks gallery.  I just wanted to share some from Sharon English of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Sharon was one of our lucky travelers on the McCall’s Quilting Adventures trip to Ireland and sent these pictures in to our editor, Laura Roberts.  It looks like she will have a real batik beauty on her hands at the end of this story.  Congratulations, Sharon!

100 0836 300x200 Its a Mystery100 0837 300x200 Its a Mystery100 0840 300x200 Its a Mystery100 0834 300x200 Its a Mystery

Make sure and upload your pictures into our gallery today.  Just go to and click on the Mystery Quilt icon, then click on “Add an Image” in the upper right hand corner. It’s easy! Then everybody can see and admire your blocks.



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