Congratulations, Sherri!

Well, with Quilt Market and getting McCall’s February issue ready, we’ve all been too busy to blog. However, this was too good to pass up. Our own Sherri Bain Driver, Associate Editor, has a quilt that was awarded a Judges Choice ribbon in the Pacific International Quilt Show. (See pictures below.)

Sherri is an amazing quilter, and the author of Layer, Baste, Quilt in our magazine. Her column always has great tips on machine quilting. Don’t miss it!

We put the ribbon for her quilt next to her name tag. You will note that she has a guard flamino. The flamingo was a recent addition that she brought in for the pictures for Coral Beach Christmas in the current issue of McCall’s Quick Quilts. Somehow, they’ve become a permanent addition to her cube!

Once again, Congratulations Sherri!

Sherri and Sonoran Stars 275x300 Congratulations, Sherri!

Sherri and Sonoran Stars

Sonoran Stars 300x225 Congratulations, Sherri!

Sonoran Stars

Guard Flamingo 145x300 Congratulations, Sherri!

Guard Flamingo

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