Half Past . . . Brilliant!

There is an incredible amount of talent among our McCall’s Quilting staff!  With our September/October 2009 issue, we’re able to share some of that talent with you, with Sherri Bain Driver’s Half Past Autumn quilt.  Our photographer, Melissa Mahoney, captures the minute details of Sherri’s quilt in all it’s glory!

half past autumn 1a 235x300 Half Past . . . Brilliant!

Award-winning quilt: Half Past Autumn, by Sherri Bain Driver, as shown in Sept/Oct 2009 McCall's Quilting Magazine

Pick up a copy of this magazine (Sherri’s quilt is on the cover, too!), on newsstands, now!  You will be amazed at the gorgeous, easy trapunto method Sherri used that was developed by Hari Walner.

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