Butterfly Quilt

Butterfly quilts are very popular in our quiting world. Have you seen the vintage butterfly quilt we have in our Patterns section of our website?

vintagebutterflyquilt Butterfly Quilt

Web Only Bonus Pattern: Vintage Butterfly Quilt - Owned by Janet Lyles

A reader made this quilt for a family reunion raffle and encourages us to make this pattern, saying it is simple to make (see her comment on the pattern page of our website!). The pattern naturally lends itself to cheerful 1930′s reproduction fabrics. Dive into your stash for this one! Or, try something new, using a contemporary line of fabrics with a solid or subtle mini-print for the background fabric and large squares. As always, have fun and be creative!

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One Response to Butterfly Quilt

  1. Susan says:

    Wish we could get a closer look at the pattern. It’s kind of hard to see it.

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