Did you know? . . .

. . . that each issue we publish, we have free web bonuses for you?

We include an average of 3 web bonuses with each issue we publish and they can consist of a favorite recipe from one of our editors, free patterns for you to download, or some other special bonus. Simply go to our website’s home page and click on the Bonuses tab for an array of fun projects, recipes or valuable information to enjoy!

Here is a link to our Candy Apple Pinwheels Web Bonus from our July/August 2009 Issue of McCall’s Quilting magazine (click on the photo for the Web Bonus link!). This quilt was designed by Gerri Robinson and quilted by Rebecca Segura of Zeffie’s Quilts. The Web Bonus for this quilt features a queen size version of Gerri’s beautiful design.

candyapplepinwheels1a 194x300 Did you know? . . .

Click on photo for instructions on making the queen size version of Candy Apple Pinwheels quilt shown in McCall's Quilting, July/August 2009 Issue

Be sure to send us photos of this or any quilt you make from the patterns featured in our magazine. If we select your photo to print in our magazine, The Warm Company will send you a complimentary queen size batt, and we’ll send you two free copies of the issue in which your contribution appears.

Write to us with your pictures at McCall’s Quilting, 741 Corporate Circle, Suite A, Golden, CO 80401. High resolution digital images are accepted on a compact disk with computer printout.

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2 Responses to Did you know? . . .

  1. Sharon says:

    In this months McCalls there’s an article on using up your stash and one of the ideas is to make pillowcases. It tells you to log onto the website….but try as I might with looking and searching I cannot find a pattern. Any tips?

  2. Susan says:

    Here are a few links for free pillowcase patterns found on our McCall’s Quilting website and on our McCall’s Quick Quilts site:

    Away at School

    Cat Nap

    Sand and Sun

    We hope you enjoy these patterns!

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