Hail, yes!

Spring weather is always interesting here, but this year it’s pulling out all the stops. I live 8 miles up the canyon from work (at about 7500 feet). The terrain keeps us from having tornadoes in my town, but the storms go right over us on their way down the hill to the plains (where they can become a real problem). Usually we get a heavy rain with thunder and lightning, but the other day was an adventure. It started with the sound of rocks on the roof. I was just heading outside to see who was throwing them when the sky opened. I’ve never seen anything like it. Hail the size of a 25 cent gumball was charging toward the ground at an incredible pace! I jumped back in the house where the sound was unbelievable. I have 5 ft. plate glass windows that I expected to break and hail was bouncing out of the fireplace. I was speechless!
However, my 10-month old kitten was not. Poor baby. She was huddled in the back hall wailing and crying. I picked her up and she was shaking so hard I could barely hold her. I tucked her inside my shirt, used one hand to cover both her ears, and sat down on the floor. And there we sat in the hall (which was the quietest place in the house) while the hail went on and on. It lasted a good 25 minutes! And when it was over, we just sat there enjoying the silence. Even the thunder seemed quiet. I have no idea how long we sat in the hall recovering, but eventually I tucked Moth (kitten) under the quilts on my bed and went outside to have a look.

hail 2 300x225 Hail, yes!

What a view!

Holy cow! Naked trees, a dimpled car, and enough ice for any 4th of July picnic. My poor trees. The evergreens lost all of their new growth and the leafy trees are shredded. My lilacs are now tasty fodder for the deer.  But, within minutes the hummingbirds were clustered at the feeder and the finches were back in the trees. I have no idea where they went to hide, but I’m so glad they did! And, I can’t complain. We’ve been dealing with drought for many years so I’m grateful for any moisture we get. All I ask it that the next storm be a soft, gentle, overnight spring rain. The kind that make the pine trees smell like heaven and turns the entire canyon green.
And I’ll bet the Rockies (baseball) are thinking the same thing. Yesterday they were playing the Mariners when a tornado warning was called. Sure enough…on the news last night there was an amazing photo of the tornado in the background and the ballpark in the foreground with people swarming up the stairs to get under cover. No one was hurt and nothing much was damaged, but it was still scary.
Do you know the best cure for feeling scared? Fabric. Soft, squishable fabric. Just ask Moth! And fabric in the form of a quilt is the best kind of all. Next time you’re watching that horror flick or sitting in the basement waiting for the storm to blow over, make sure to wrap up in your quilts. Nothing is as comforting as putting your face in a quilt while you feel the soft cotton in your fingers. Thank goodness for quilts!
hail 12 Hail, yes!
One last thing… do you see the tag in the photo? It’s attached to the cord for the snow-melting equipment on my roof. Maybe I should plug it back in!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Poor little kitty, hail stones are scary for us humans, but they must have seemed the size of baseballs to her little kitten eyes. Great post and I agree – Fabric fixes just about everything!

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