McCall’s New Mystery Quilt

mystery blocks 002 300x225 McCalls New Mystery Quilt

My design wall (in no particular arrangement!)

Have you started on your version of the new McCall’s mystery quilt? We editors have been hard at work on ours, since we have to stay quite a bit ahead of you in order to have photos ready for each issue as it goes to the printer. Here’s a peek at my design wall…you can see some little blocks from Part 1, and yes, that’s a sneak peek at one of the block types you’ll find in Part 2! It was such an effective, easy block pattern that I’m thinking of trying to include it in my niece’s wedding quilt, which I’ll also be working on this year.

Once you start on your blocks, we hope you’ll post photos at We’ll be watching for your galleries!

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3 Responses to McCall’s New Mystery Quilt

  1. Shirley says:

    I haven’t started my mystery quilt blocks yet. (Something about finding my round tuit.) Seeing your design wall has given me a little kick in the pants. Thanks!

  2. Kay says:

    I have started my mystery quilt and have had some problems. Choosing colors was hard, so I am happily making a two color scrappy quilt with a variety of fabric in the color range. So far I like the blocks, and they should all go together well.
    I thought the first set of blocks was the hardest. The retangular block did me in. I made it twice before I got it right. By the way, when the block looks difficult I kind of do my own thing. It will probably work out fine.
    I wish the author had put in the final size of each square. I usually square things up as I go.

  3. Teresa King says:

    2 friends have joined me and we have chosen fabrics that I think are perfect. Choosing fabric is fun for me, but to see the selections my friends made, is even more fun. We are all 3 at different stages and having a blast. What a neat idea this is!

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