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sneak peek at an upcoming quilt

One of the really great things about quilting – are the quilts!

I look forward to the first part of the month when all of our designers send in their quilts and projects for the upcoming issue. It’s that new, fresh perspective of what the upcoming issue is going to look like that really gets to me.

Most of the time, we don’t know what to expect until it arrives because Beth (Hayes)schedules all quilts for all issues. It’s just like Christmas once a month.

As a staff, we get together a few days later to look at each quilt (ok, to ooh and aah). We all look at first just to see the colors and design.. measure the exact size.. and get a general feel for each quilt. Then we go through a second time and the editors have a conversation about planning the patterning and the art staff chats with the photo stylist about how to best show off its uniqueness.

I’m the lucky one, I get to hold the quilt up so it can be seen and discussed and I get to listen to both discussions. That IS why we have two ears! I am never disappointed by the creativity of my staff. It’s like a coffee pot percolating and once the ideas start to flow, each person adds their own touch until finally there is a consensus of exactly what is going to be done for each quilt. One by one, each quilt offers itself as part of the whole, and by the end of the meeting we have a good idea of how that issue will look.

If anyone is interested in submitting an original, unpublished project for consideration, please email me at mcq@ckmedia.com and ask for a copy of our submission guidelines.

Take care and take pieces!


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3 Responses to A Day at McCall’s

  1. Karen says:

    Hi, Tricia: Really enjoyed reading this, and love the apple quilt you are holding. Will look forward to seeing the issue in which it appears!

  2. Tricia says:

    Hi, Karen! Thanks for letting me know you like the quilt I picked from the photo meeting. It won’t be toooo long until you find out which issue… :-) If you get a chance, let me know what you think when you can see it in more detail.

  3. Leydi Patricia Motta Cardenas says:

    Es una linda pagina, todos los proyectos son hermosos

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