What’s new at McCall’s?

We’ve just started working on the August issue (yes, it’s only February in real time), and I thought you might like a sneak peek at a quilt that’s scheduled for it. This pretty little thing was designed by Debbie Hobbs, and features a ribbon trim and sparkly beads. It is SO summery! We can’t wait to get to patterning it.

hobbs 002 300x225 Whats new at McCalls?

Designed by Deborah A. Hobbs

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4 Responses to What’s new at McCall’s?

  1. Enid Yurman says:

    can’t find directions for Wedding Day in queen size…..please help……..thank you

  2. mary grass says:

    I purchased your “Display until 8/03/09″ issue of McCall’s Quilting because I love the “Topiary Trio” project (table runner, specifically). There are no instructions to put the background together. Please help!

  3. kpatterson says:

    Mary, the background is one solid strip of fabric. The “pieced look” brown patches around the edges are actually applique patches. Templates are in the Pattern Pull-Out Section, and you apply them as you would any applique shape. Hope this helps!

  4. kpatterson says:

    Enid, the download for that pattern is now online at: http://www.mccallsquilting.com/articles/wedding_day

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