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Thank you for your interest in submitting designs to McCall’s Quilting and/or Quick Quilts. Our magazines are bi‐monthly consumer publications, nationally distributed, and written for quilters of all skill levels. They are instructional and based on consumer needs and preferences. The magazines are sold by subscription, in retail and quilt shops, and on many newsstands.

  1. We plan each issue at least nine to twelve months prior to issue date. Please consider the season and timeliness of your suggestions when submitting designs or articles.
  2. Always submit original ideas. Ideas should be your own, unpublished and uncopyrighted.
  3. If the work is in progress or you have already finished the piece, submit a good, clear photograph before mailing the project. If we are interested, we may request to see the finished piece.
  4. For any design or article, include a detailed description of the project to help us make an informed decision, including finished size. Generally speaking, designs that require more than 8” x 11” of space in the Pattern Section for templates and foundation masters cannot be accepted.
  5. Should we decide to publish your design or article, you will be contacted with details as to size, color, and due date. When sending the finished product, include clear, preferably typed, step‐by‐step instructions, patterns, or any necessary diagrams or illustrations only for special or unusual techniques you have used in the project. A copyright release form will be sent to you prior to publication, and payment will follow receipt of this form. In all cases, McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts reserve the right to edit, rewrite, or cut articles where necessary.
  6. If submitting finished pieces, please be aware that you may be asked to rework the project in another color, fabric, and/or size. For the reader’s benefit, we prefer use of current and readily available materials. Please pack your projects carefully. Be sure to insure the package and retain appropriate information for tracing in the event of loss during shipping.
  7. McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts buy limited exclusive copyright license. The project may not have been published anywhere else before its appearance in McCall’s Quilting or Quick Quilts. The project will be returned to you after publication. Three months after publication the publishing and use rights revert to the designer, however McCall’s Quilting and Quick Quilts retain universal rights to republish.
  8. When we commission a piece, we make a commitment to you that we plan to purchase said piece. However, we reserve the right to reject any finished project on the basis of poor workmanship, missed deadlines without prior approval, and/or deviation from the original design idea.
  9. The acceptance of a commissioned or submitted piece for publication in a specific issue does not ensure that the piece will necessarily be published in the issue for which it is designated. Changes in the development of the magazine may prevent us from publishing every piece selected for an issue. Should such a situation occur, we may purchase the piece as an “unassigned” project; we reserve the right to use it at any time.
  10. Always include your name, address, telephone number with the area code, and email address on each design submitted. Should you wish to submit more than one design to us in one mailing, please separate them in individual envelopes, folders, or emails to avoid confusion. In addition, if you are interested in submitting designs to other Creative Crafts Group publications, please submit your designs to each magazine separately.
  11. Be patient. It takes time to review ideas, and occasionally we retain submissions for future issues. We will try to reply to submissions within a 90‐day period; if you have not heard from us in that time, please feel free to write a note requesting status.
  12. Send your submission to: Editor, McCall’s Quilting, 741 Corporate Circle, Suite A, Golden, CO 80401, or

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