Meet the Staff: Erin Russek, Assistant Editor

Erin Russek, Assistant Editor, McCall's QuiltingErin Russek grew up in sunny Southern California doing all the things kids do in warm coastal places, mainly playing tennis, swimming and hanging out at the beach. It seemed like she was in school FOREVER and eventually got a Master’s degree in Physics of all things. She met her husband when they were both students and they eventually moved to the Colorado Front Range area in 1990. When their first child was born, Erin decided to try being a stay at home mom because, as everyone knows, physics is such good training for that. The one thing that has kept her sane through all this is quilting. She has been quilting for over 25 years now and it never loses its fascination for her. Luckily for her, this has turned into her full time job and she gets to spend her work week bringing you the best quilting has to offer through our magazines.





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