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40 Shades of Green Forty Shades of Green: FREE Ireland Quilt Block Pattern from
5-Star Block
5-Star Block
5-Patch Variation 5-Patch Variation
54-40 (Fight) 54-40 Block
Amish Star
Applique Flower Applique Flower
Arrowheads Arrowheads Quilt Block
Aunt Dinah Aunt Dinah
Baby Four Patch
Baby Four Patch
Baton Rouge Square Baton Rouge Square
Beads Block Beads Block
Bear's Paw Variation Bear's Paw Variation
Best of All Best of All
Bird Block FREE Foundation Paper Pieced Bird Quilt Block Pattern
Big Squares Big Squares Block: FREE Quilt Block Pattern from
Blazing Star Blazing Star

Bridal Path Variation
(May/June 2010 Web Bonus)

Bridal Path Variation

Broken Dishes

Broken Dishes Quilt Block
Butterfly Block Butterfly Block
Buzzsaw Block Buzzsaw Block: FREE Buzz Saw Quilt Block Pattern
Capital T Block Capital T Block
Card Trick Card Trick Block

Cat's Cradle
(Includes Traditional Setting)

Cat's Cradle Block
Celtic Knot Celtic Knot: FREE Ireland Block of the Month Irish Quilt Block Pattern
Celtic Twist Celtic Twist Quilt Block
Centennial Centennial Block
Chinese Coin Chinese Coin
Christmas Geese Christmas Geese

Circle Block
(Includes Traditional Setting)

Circle Block
Connemara Connemara: FREE Ireland-Themed Quilt Block Pattern
County Fair Variation County Fair Variation
Crazy Anne Crazy Anne
Cross and Crown Cross and Crown
Crossing Ohio Crossing Ohio
Crown of Thorns Crown of Thorns
Crystals Crystals
Delectable Mountains Delectable Mountains
Double Pinwheel Double Pinwheel
Dove in the Window Dove in the Window
Dresden Plate Dresden Plate

Drunkard's Path
(Wedding Ring Variation)

Drunkard's Path
Dutch Rose

Dutch Rose

Dutchman's Puzzle Dutchman's Puzzle
Fairies and Flower Petals FREE Fairies and Flower Petals quilt block pattern
Fairy Ring Block FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern
Fancy 8-Pointed Star Fancy 8-Pointed Star
Flower Basket Flower Basket
Flower Basket, Intermediate Flower Basket Intermediate
Flower Bud Flower Bud
Flower of Spring Flower of Spring
Flying Bats Flying Bats

Flying Fish
(Includes Traditional Setting)

Flying Fish
Flying Swallows Flying Swallows
Folktale Circle Folktale Circle Block: FREE Ireland-themed Quilt Block Pattern
Fool's Square Fool's Square
Four-Patch Four Patch
Framed Pinwheel Framed Pinwheel Block: FREE Quilt Block Pattern at

Friendship Bouquet
(Includes Traditional Setting)

Friendship Bouquet
Friendship Star Variation Friendship Star Variation
Frolic Variation Frolic Variation
Garden Path Garden Path: FREE quilt block pattern at
Gentleman's Fancy Gentleman's Fancy
Glitter, Glitter Glitter
Goose Tracks Goose Tracks
Gosling-Go-Round Gosling-Go-Round: FREE Flying Geese Quilt Block Pattern
Grandma's Choice Grandma's Choice
Hither & Yon Hither & Yon
Honey Bee Honey Bee
House Block House Block: FREE Scrappy Quilt Block Pattern at
Hug Block Hug Block - free quilt block pattern
I Left My Heart in Ireland I Left My Heart In Ireland: FREE Ireland-themed quilt block pattern
Indian Trail Indian Trail
Irish Chain Irish Chain
Irish Cross FREE Irish Cross Quilt Block Pattern
Jack-in-the-Box Jack-in-the-box
Jack-in-the-Pulpit Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Jackson Star Jackson Star
Kaleidoscope Variation Kaleidoscope Variation
Kiss Block Kiss Block free quilt block pattern
Lady of the Lake Lady of the Lake
Lily Lily
Log Cabin Variation - Baby Log Cabin Variation - Baby
Love Entangled Love Entangled
Lucky Clover Lucky Clover Quilt Block
Maple Leaf Maple Leaf
Meadow Star Meadow Star Block: FREE Quilt Block Pattern @
Midnight Garden Midnight Garden quilt block
Millwheel Millwheel
Mini Pinwheels Mini Pinwheels
Modified Memory Block Modified Memory Block
Modified Union Block Modified Union Block
Moonlight Star Moonlight Star: FREE Quilt Block Pattern
Morning Star Morning Star
Night & Day Night & Day
Nine-Patch Heart Nine-Patch Heart: FREE Quilt Block Pattern
Northumberland Star Northumberland Star
Nosegay Nosegay
Oh Susannah Oh Susannah
Ohio Star Ohio Star
Old Maid's Puzzle Old Maid's Puzzle
Orange Peel Orange Peel
Party Hats Party Hats
Pathways Pathways
Peace and Plenty Peace & Plenty
Pieced Hearts Pieced Hearts
Pine Tree Pine Tree
Pineapple Pineapple
Pinwheel Pinwheel
Pinwheel Block Pinwheel Block: FREE Quilt Block Pattern
Pinwheel Star Pinwheel Star
Pot of Flowers Pot of Flowers
Primitive Tulip Primitive Tulip
Providence Providence
Quack Quack
Ring of Hearts Ring of Hearts
Rocky Mountain Puzzle Rocky Mountain Puzzle
Rose of Sharon Rose of Sharon
Rosebud Rosebud
Royalty Block Royalty Block
Royalty Block Variation Royalty Block Variation
Sawtooth Star Sawtooth Star
Seven Lucky Shamrocks Seven Lucky Shamrocks FREE quilt block pattern


Shoo-fly Block
S'mittens S'mittens Block: FREE Quilt Block Pattern at
Spider's Den Spider's Den
Spiderweb Star Spiderweb Star
Spinning L Spinning L
Spinning Star Spinning Star
Split Steps Block Split Steps Quilt Block
Square and Star Square and Star
Square in a Star Square in a Star
Star Brite Star Brite
Star Burst Star Burst Block
Star in a Star Star in a Star
Star in Square Star in Square
Star Twist Star Twist
Stepping Stones Stepping Stones
Storm at Sea Storm at Sea
Storybook Baskets Storybook Baskets: FREE Quilt Block Pattern at
Sunrise Star Sunrise Star
Swinging Corners Swinging Corners
Teacup Teacup Block: FREE quilt block pattern at
Tomato Tomato Block: FREE Easy Garden-Favorite Quilt Block Pattern at
Treasures from Ireland Treasures from Ireland Block
Thistle Bloom Thistle Bloom
Tree Tree: FREE quilt block pattern download
Triangle Magic Triangle Magic
Triple Irish Chain Triple Irish Chain
Triple Square Triple Square: FREE quilt block pattern download
Twelve Crowns Twelve Crowns
Urban Block Urban Block FREE Quilt Block Pattern Download
Virginia Reel Virginia Reel
Wee Scottie Wee Scottie
Whirling Geese Whirling Geese
Whirling Pinwheel Whirling Pinwheel
Window on China


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